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Granular & more

µNimbus is a small format adaptation and modification of the original Mutable Instruments “Clouds” module

µNimbus is pre-flashed with last Official or Parasite firmware and factory calibrated


Dedicated controls

Now you have dedicated potentiometers for each parameter.

This mod implements direct control over each parameter of selected mode. It is not necessary to preselect the parameter previously, you can access it directly with its associated potentiometer.

For example, in main mode, each knobs 1, 2, 3 and 4 controls dry/wet, random panning, feedback and reverb respectively.

This is a great feature for live performances.

Led status

This allows quick visual access to the blend status of each parameter.

Pressing black button or lightly touching knob 1 shows blend status of each knob / parameter.

Green led no blend -> Yellow / Orange intermediate values -> Red led full blend.


More CV’s

µNimbus adds four new voltage controls over each parameter. Now you have CV over reverb or feedback amount (or over the parameter corresponding to the selected mode).

Implemented into only 10 HP

Width: 10 HP

Deep: 35 mm

+12V: 100 mA

-12V: 15 mA

Original Clouds designed by Olivier Gillet of Mutable Instruments.