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Drum Sequencer

µSteps is a small format adaptation of the original Mutable Instruments “Grids” module

µSteps is pre-flashed with last Official firmware and factory calibrated

It uses the same circuit design as the original but implemented into only 8HP

  • Internal clock with a 40 to 240 BPM range.
  • Beat indicator / Tap tempo button (reconfigurable as a reset button).
  • External clock input, with selectable resolution (24, 8 or 4 ppqn).
  • Pattern reset trigger input.
Drum pattern generator?

Based on a compressed representations of drum patterns and their variations.

  • X/Y (pattern selection) knobs with CV inputs.
  • Pattern complexity/density knobs for channels 1, 2, 3, with CV inputs.
  • Pattern randomization knob with CV input (reconfigurable as a swing control for the internal clock).
  • 3 output channels (BD, SD, and HH/percussion).
  • 3 additional outputs, configurable as Accent/Clock/Reset or per-channel accent.
  • Outputs can be either triggers or gates.
  • Input impedances: 100k.
  • CV acquisition: 8-bit, 1kHz.
  • Output level: +5V.
  • Clock resolution and processing latency: 120µs. Check the benchmark!
  • Worst case jitter < 0.5% at 120 BPM.

Width: 8 HP

Deep: 25 mm

+12V: 25 mA

-12V: 1 mA

Original Grids designed by Olivier Gillet of Mutable Instruments.